2023: Meet 3 southerners who could associate with Atiku Abubakar!

Comrade Adeyemo Adeola Samuel, a 300 level student of Federal university of technology, Akure, politically known as JOMO, who is the Welfare Director of The Nigerian Association of Science Student, Futa Chapter, calls on intentional and active involvement of the citizens of Nigeria to see to her development.

“Nigeria – home of resilients and great minds. The beauty of Africa.

Now, it’s time to contribute our quota in ensuring national development.
Doing the right thing from our ends is all we need to bring alive the better Nigeria we all envision.”

However, he emphasized that he will do what is necessary and required on his side and calls for others to do the same. We should say no to bribery, embezzlement, extortion and any other social vices. We should ensure we take our duties and area of operation with sincerity and corruption free.


In Addition, there are so many stories of past events which has led to so many citizens losing their hopes in the growth and development of our African nation, Nigeria. I want to encourage every citizen of our dear nation to keep their hopes high in the development of this great nation. We are moving on to an era of development and national growth. Only if we can  collectively and cooperatively work together to bring this great vision into reality.
Together we can bring about this innovation.

2023: Meet 3 southerners who could associate with Atiku Abubakar!

” We should not leave the responsibilities to the government alone. We all have our respective roles to play. For instance, A better Nigeria begins with  you and I. To change the world, we need to change ourselves first. This is the time we all ensure we do the right thing from our respective ends”

Finally, this are his words as he closes, ” WE WILL SOON SMILE OFF THE TEARS OF YESTERDAY, CHEERS TO A BETTER NIGERIA. “­ Happy Independence day.



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