Bola Tinubu story! The former governor of Lagos State, had to take on multiple professions to make ends meet while studying overseas.

The former governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu.

Bola Tinubu story! The former governor of Lagos State, had to take on multiple professions to make ends meet while studying overseas.
Mr. Tinubu was born on the 29th of March 1952 in Lagos State to a family of five children. His mother, Chief Abibatu Mogaji, was the Iyaloja of Lagos State, and he was raised by her.
Saint John’s Primary School in Aroloya, Lagos State, was where he received his primary school education. Tinubu then moved to Oyo State, where he attended the Children’s Home School in Ibadan, where he completed his secondary education.


Despite the fact that he had longed to travel outside of Nigeria’s borders, he had never been given the opportunity. It wasn’t until one day that it came effortlessly. It so happened that he was strolling down the street with his group of pals on their way to church when a shootout erupted in the neighborhood. (Bola Tinubu story!)

Although he escaped with a hair’s width without being shot, his comrade alongside him was killed as a result of the incident.

As a result of this development, his family sought to send him abroad to further his education.

Tinubu sold the Volkswagen that his uncle had given him, and his mother also sold everything she owned in order to gather money for his travels.

Mr. Tinubu first set foot on the shores of the United States in the year 1975. Richard J. Daley College in Chicago, Illinois, was where he began his postsecondary studies. His education continued at Chicago State University, where he graduated with honors with a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 1979.

He worked as a cab driver, a security guard, a door guard, a dishwasher, and even as a room service attendant in order to relieve the strain on his family and friends in Nigeria, on whom he was entirely reliant for survival. (Bola Tinubu story!)

He was able to generate sources of income that were sufficient to cover his school fees and other expenses.

Despite working and attending school at the same time, he maintained his position as the best from the beginning of his education until the end of his education.

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His brilliance resulted in a good performance as well as a scholarship for his efforts.


It also opened the path for him to become a qualified lecturer in the accounting department at the university from which he graduated.

(Bola Tinubu story!) Because he was the top student in his class, he was inundated with opportunities. Several large accounting companies in the United States, including Arthur Andersen, Arthur Young, Ernst and Whinney, Peat Marwick and Mitchell, Deloitte, IBM, Haskins and Sells, and others, are headquartered in the country.

While he had the freedom to choose which path he wanted to take, (Bola Tinubu story!) his professor recommended him to choose the one that would best suit his learning style and be relevant to his country of birth, Nigeria.

He examined his options and decided on Deloitte and Touche since their clients in Nigeria. Which is an oil-producing country, were in the oil and gas industry, which was important to him.

He began his professional career in that country before returning to Nigeria in 1983.


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